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WSET Level 3 Award in Wines

1 250,00 TVA incluse

WSET Level 3 is an advanced credential for wine tasting; as well as for assessing quality and readiness for drinking. This wine course is focused on improving the knowledge of the main wine regions of the world. The teaching and course material are in English.

After completing this level, participants will be able to understand, explain and analyse the main factors contributing to the quality of the wines. They will also be able to assess the quality and the readiness for drinking of the wines they taste. They will hold a vast knowledge on main terroirs and varietals worldwide.




This level is designed for wine professionals (retailers of all kinds, buyers, marketing managers…) and for those who wish to change careers and work in wine. It allows you to gather a solid base of knowledge on main wine regions as well as a reliable systematic approach to tasting. It is also ideal for wine lovers and wine enthusiasts wishing to educate their palate further and open their minds to the whole world of wine.


  • Holding a Level 2 in Wines OR showing an intermediate level in wine education (see examples of questions here) (voir exemple de questions ici)
  • 60 hours minimum of preliminary study (ideally 80) of the course book and other documents you will receive prior to the course.

You must be of legal drinking age in the country where you are attending the course and exam to participate in any alcohol tasting.

This level is demanding and requires a real implication outside of tuition time. This credential is recognized in the world of wine and good preparation ensures a good result. Feel free to get in touch with us to evaluate your skills before you book.

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  • Key factors for the quality in main wine regions : how natural and human factors can influence the quality; the style and the price of the wines.
  • Key sparkling wines of the world (Champagne, Prosecco, Cava…) and the factors impacting their quality and style.
  • Key fortified wines of the world (Port, Sherry…) and the factors impacting their quality and style.
  • In-depth details about wine and food pairing, storage and service.

For more information on WSET 3 certification in wine; download the fully detailed documents here.


The course is taught by a WSET certified wine expert (oenology and tasting, DipWSET,…). The following study material is available to students:

  • The study book “Understanding wine : style and quality” (200 pages) featuring key information, wine maps and images illustrating the Level 3 course.
  • A specification booklet recapping key points, syllabus together with mock exercises and tasting notes.
  • A card featuring the method of systematic approach for tasting and a list of descriptors for Level 3.
  • Presentations and talks between the class and the expert-educator.
  • Exercises to do on your own or in class.
  • Mock exam questions to sit at home which will be corrected.
  • Tutorial videos.

IMPORTANT : In order to offer the best possible tuition to students, attendance is limited to 12 participants.



More than 70 wines tasted in class, chosen among the great wine regions of France and other wine countries of the world and for their typicality and quality. Main grape varietals of the world and main appellations and regions are covered in this practical course.

A few examples of former courses : Gevrey-Chambertin Trapet, Pauillac Château Pontet Canet, Stellenbosch Pinotage Kanonkop, Russian River chardonnay Coppola Director’s Cut, Champagne Gosset…


Week-end Course: 5 days/35 hours of tuition in 2 blocks (3 consecutive days on a first week-end and a second block of 2 days after a one week break, allowing to pause and review between the 2 blocks).

To book your course, see the scheduled sessions here..


At the end of the course, during the last session, the candidates will be sitting an examination in two units:

  • TASTING UNIT : 2 wines served blind must be described and analyzed by the candidate according to the systematic approach. (30 min long)
  • THEORY UNIT : 50 multiple choice questions and a series of short written answers questions. (2 hours long)

Upon successful completion you will receive a WSET certificate and lapel pin, and will be able to use the associated WSET certified logo.


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DURATION : 5 days in two week-ends – 35 hours.

TIME : 9h30-18h30 (Week-end course)

Fee: 1250 € tax included.



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