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Embark on an 2 days experience and dive into the world of French wine in an accessible and engaging way. Discover the “need to know” regions, grape varieties and wine styles. Explore the culture, cuisine, history, viticulture and winemaking principles behind the most influential wine regions in the world.

For avid worl travelers and wine enthousiasts as for aspiring wine professionnals, the French Wine Essentials (FWE) course is a good start for thoose wanting to continue their studies with the prestigious French Wine Scholar® (FWS) certification program.




Designed for avid world travelers, wine enthusiasts and aspiring wine professionals,
the French Wine Essentials (FWE) certification is more than just an introductory course, it is a prelude to a lifelong romance with French wines. French Wine Essentials can also serve as a launchpad to the internationally revered French Wine Scholar® certification.

Who is French Wine Essentials for ?

  • Aspiring wine industry professionals who want to get started in the wine sector.
  • Hospitality and wine industry professionals
  • Enthusiastic home or professional chefs
  • Inquisitive wine enthusiasts and avid world travelers.
  • Anyone wishing to enhance their knowledge on the wine and food culture of France.


Are there any prerequisites ? No.

  • Enrollment in French Wine Essentials does not require any prerequisites, only a
    willingness to learn and expand your horizons through study and wine tasting.
    The program provides all the tools required to fully grasp the essentials of French
  • Depending your level of wine knowledge, we recommend a minimum of 10 to 15
    hours of preparation by reading the course book and exploring the online study
    modules, including e-learning activities

Feel free to contact us to get a personalized evaluation of your actual level.


The French Wine Essentials program introduces you the most important regions of France and wine styles. Places of origin, grape varieties, wine profiles, production and pairing notes are all explored alongside notable producers and local signature cuisine.

Each wine is presented within a regional and cultural context while landmarks and traditional cuisine are highlighted to complete the curriculum.

Key Learning Objectives :

  • Understand the key environmental factors and viticultural practices and how they impact the style and quality of each “need to know” wine.
  • Understand the basic tenets of French wine law and recall labeling terms.
  • Know the grape varieties, styles and quality levels of wines produced within the French designated appellations.

For more information on this french wine certification ; download the fully detailed curiculum here.

What's included

The course is taught by a FWS certified and seasoned wine expert. The following study materials are available to students:

  • Printed copy of 100+ page study manual
  • Digital copy of the study manual.
  • Access to interactive online e-learning module, including tailored videos and
    practice exercises
  • 2-day immersive experience and coursework led by our expert-instructors
  • 25 French wines illustrating the key aspects of French wines styles and diversity
  • 2 lunches featuring local, artisan French cuisine
  • French wine and cheese pairings to complement the French Wine Essentials

IMPORTANT : In order to offer the best experience for all students, participation is limited to a dozen students per session.

French Wine Tastings and Cheese & Food Pairing

25 French Wines

Meticulously selected from the greatest wine regions of France for their typicity and quality. With a focus on classic, French wine regions, such as Champagne, Bourgogne,Bordeaux and Rhône Valley, the aim is to highlight the diversity of French terroirs.

2 lunches featuring local, artisan French cuisine

The first of two lunches will focus on the principles of traditional French food and wine pairings and the second lunch will showcase how to pair French wine & cheese. Oenovino has been working with Labo M, a seasoned Parisian chef, to assist in the food and wine pairings. Our School also has relationships with a selection of local, artisan producers to assist in curating the compilation of cheeses.


The French Wine Essentials is assessed by a closed-book examination that consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, to be completed in 45 minutes and covering all of the wine regions of France.

All examination questions are based on the published learning outcomes, and the recommended study materials contain the information required to answer these questions. A candidate is required to pass with a minimum mark of 60 per cent.

Upon passing, receive your well deserved French Wine Essentials certificate, acknowledging you have gained proficiency in the wines of France. Add this reputed credential to your professional profile and resume or CV.

Exam date : the last day, at the end of the course.


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Oenovino – 33 rue de Charonne – 75011 PARIS

DURATION : 2 days  – 16 hours (eight hours per day, including examination)

TIME : 9h30-17h30

Fee: 900 € tax included.



Course Calendar

in English – Week-End – 24 & 25 August 2024, in English – Week-ends 14 & 15 September 2024, in English – Week-ends 14 & 15 September 2024, in English – Week-ends 21 & 22 December 2024